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Our Mission Statement
The Miss American Teenager Pageants are a beauty pageant that emphasizes poise, personality and inner beauty. Through pageantry and in a fun atmosphere it is our goal that each young lady develops her intelligence, grace, politeness and integrity which are life skills to last a lifetime. There is no performing talent requirement so that almost every young woman could participate, if she so chose.

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Fred Wright the Executive Director
I live in the city of New Castle in Delaware.  New Castle, originally named Fort Casimir, was founded in 1651 by Peter Stuyvesant.  When I’m not at the office, you’ll find me spending time with the family.  I enjoy taking my mother to dinner as often as possible. 

Favorite Food:  Eggplant Parm and Southern Coconut Cake, in no particular order
Favorite Book:  Anything by Mary Higgins Clark
Life Motto/quote:   In everything give thanks
Favorite sport:  Depends on what is being served at the concession stand
Favorite Movie:  Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Favorite TV shows:  Absolute Fabulous and I Love Lucy
Fun fact:  As a child, I wanted to be a mortician


Angela Raimondo on Aministration
I am a computer geek with awesome dance moves.  I love gardening and DIY projects.  I like to spend weekends shopping and having brunch with friends - but only when it is not football season.  I have a shoe obsession and a slight addiction to Dr. Pepper.

Favorite Food:  Anything Italian - reminds me of home!
Favorite Book:  David Copperfield
Life Motto/quote:  The three C's in life: Choice, Chance,  Change.  You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in your life to change.
Favorite sport:  Football
Favorite Movie:  Pride & Prejudice
Favorite TV shows:  Downton Abbey, NCIS & anything on HGTV
Fun fact:  Was a former NFL Cheerleader for the Buffalo Bills


Kate Godwin on Administration
I have been married for almost 20 years to my best friend and have two fabulous kids.  I am a Cub Scout Den leader and a pageant mom!   I love to spend time with my family and enjoy the peacefulness of the beach and camping.

Favorite Food:  Pasta
Favorite Book:  Anything by Megan Hart
Life Motto/quote:  Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for each of us.
Favorite sport:  Football
Favorite Movie:  Pretty Woman
Favorite TV shows:  Everything on HGTV
Fun fact:  My husband and I share the same birthday


Rosemarie Garvey on Administration
I have been retired from the corporate world for 13 years and was a snowbird to Florida until our permanent move to South Daytona this year.  I always wanted to be a gown designer, but instead became the owner of a bridal shop. 

Favorite Food:  Ice cream
Favorite Book:  Anything by Nora Roberts
Life Motto/quote:  No matter what, Trust God.
Favorite sport:  Football
Favorite Movie:  Grease
Favorite TV shows:  NCIS and Castle
Fun fact:  My daughter competed and won the title of Miss Delaware USA, and participated in the Miss USA Pageant.  Fred was her Director, and I have worked with him ever since.


Susan Liebesman on Production
I am extremely passionate about my career.  I love working with young people and helping them reach their goals and dreams. I think one of the most important things one can do is develop confidence in oneself. I love photography and looking at the world from different points of view. I have a serious shoe collection and love handbags and accessories.

Favorite Food:  Chocolate
Favorite Book:  The Other Guy Blinked
Life Motto/quote:  "Let Yourself Be Great" and "Step Up, Rise Up and Always Aspire to be the best you can be"
Favorite sport:  To watch Gymnastics and Football; To Play - Soccer
Favorite Movie:  Clueless
Favorite TV shows:  The Middle
Fun fact:  I am obsessed with Smiley Faces and I have really small feet.


I received a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Economics and went on to work for giants like Radio Shack, YVES St Laurent, and Oscar de la Renta.   I am a 25-year survivor of Breast Cancer, a stylist with Wright Photography, and owner of All Things Crowned (allthingscrowned.com), an online boutique.  Originally from South Dakota, I now call Texas "home" with my husband of 24 years, Mike.  

Favorite Food:  Pizza
Favorite Book:  The Secret
Life Motto/quote:  Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey.
Favorite sport:  Pageantry and Card Games
Favorite Movie:  Somewhere in Time
Favorite TV shows:  Big Brother
Fun fact:  Lived in Italy for 3 years.





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